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22+ Virtual Assistant Services in Great Demand

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Managerial Services You Can Offer as a VA

Managerial administrations generally require negligible aptitudes, but on the other hand, they’re the employments that such huge numbers of organizations hesitate on. Why? Since they’re so darn repetitive and tedious! In any case, somebody’s gotta do them!

Fortunately for you, you can offer these administrations while tasting on a margarita poolside most of the way over the world.

Remember, however, that these administrations ought not to be the main ones you are offering as a VA, else you’ll be rivalling several other VA’s going after similar positions.

At the point when you consolidate administrator aptitudes with those from different classes in this blog, nonetheless, you become a Jill, all things considered, making you substantially more attractive to organizations and business visionaries.

Managerial Services You Can Offer as a VA

1.Information passage

Information passage is actually what it seems like–entering information from paper, sound, or advanced reports into a business’ picked framework. Information passage requires next to no expertise, however, it is as yet one of the most significant essential abilities that you can offer as a VA.


Accounting is tied in with keeping up the funds of a business. A portion of the obligations of accounting you can take over as a VA incorporate producing solicitations and following up on instalments, giving discounts, paying workers and temporary workers, and getting ready monetary records and assessment reports. A great deal of this is quite dull for the manager yet basic for the business!

3.Email the executives

In reality, as we know it where computerized correspondence has dominated, numerous potential customers are battling to locate a significant email. You know. You’ve been there, business person or not!

Your potential customer will presumably request that you work through the messiness to make envelopes and sort messages into them, answer to client requests, make email layouts, or answer for your customer’s benefit.

4.Client assistance

It has become the standard to expect expedient answers and quick help executed with a grin and a caring word. Normally, if a client is going through cash at an organization, they’d prefer to realize the organization thinks about their business and involvement in the item!

Hubspot records that 90% of Americans additionally use client care as a deciding component with regards to settling on working with an organization. If that doesn’t show how significant great client care is, note that 49% of Americans made a move and exchanged organizations in 2019 because of client care.

Why not help your customers hold buyers and conceivably increase new ones by offering the straightforward assistance of reacting to client criticism, questions, and requests whether through email or other electronic visit advances.

5.Oversee Email Lists

Taking into account that email promoting has the most noteworthy ROI contrasted with other showcasing endeavours, organizations must profit by their methodologies.

One of the most significant things a business can do to guarantee their email promoting is giving them the most elevated ROI is to ensure their email records are perfect and arriving at the correct clients at the correct frequencies.

Overseeing email records for a business will take exploration to guarantee you are utilizing the accepted procedures forward-thinking, however, a portion of the obligations of overseeing email records will incorporate tidying up old/invalid messages, fixing addresses with errors and evacuating copies, reconnecting clients, and making the endorser’s experience bother free.

6.Customer schedule the board

Customers who depend on up close and personal conferences think that it’s hard to keep track among gatherings AND find new business.

Your duty in this job is to set up the customer with a planning stage, for example, iCal or Google Calendar and use it to plan the entirety of their gatherings, send suggestions (to your customer just as whoever they are meeting), reschedule arrangements, plan occasions, and affirm arrangements. Like most administrator administrations, it is basic yet incredible.

7.Making introductions

Any customer you work for will sooner or later be entrusted with giving an introduction. For a significant number of your customers, this will be a typical, repeating thing. Likewise for some, customers, making an introduction with their ideas will be the keep going thing on their daily agenda.

A 2018 review found that 47% of its respondents burned through 8 OR MORE hours making their introductions! By offering this administration, you can spare entrepreneurs and business people a TON of time!

Your job will be to arrange your customer’s ideas into an outwardly engaging introduction utilizing programming, for example, PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, and so on.

8.Individual shopping

Entrepreneurs and business visionaries are individuals simply like us–they have children’s birthday celebrations, commemorations, and individual needs of their own. In contrast to a large number of us, they might not have the opportunity to do these straightforward undertakings during business hours.

Your customer can rely upon you to do their shopping — from requesting blessings to booking their movement. Anything that can be purchased on the web (which these days is ANYTHING), you can buy for their sake.

9.Making essential reports

Gimme the realities, detail!

Reports with measurements show extraordinary knowledge into the day by day activities of a business person’s organization. Ordering essential reports, for example, the fruition of week by week assignments, deals, or conveyances can offer your customer important data about how their business is getting along.

10.Translation administrations

Regardless of our adoration for sound, once in a while you simply need the chilly, hard realities (or truth, discussion… you get the essence) recorded.

Interpretation is changing over discourse into text. It is extremely mainstream in the clinical and lawful fields, as the two fields require in the same words documentation of talk. For these fields particularly, you may require some information on industry-explicit language to be fruitful. In any case, it is an important expertise that requires a decent ear and quick composing. Interpretation administrations can likewise mean deciphering digital recording scenes.

11.Assisting with the employing procedure

Employing new specialists is an undertaking all in itself. An entrepreneur must make an occupation posting, filter through resumes, direct starting telephone interviews, lastly plan an in-person meet.

It’s a long procedure to locate the ideal individual to join the group, and indeed, it is very tedious. As a VA, you can smooth out this procedure by dealing with these means and just sending the resume and contact data of candidates who meet the customer’s necessities and desires.

12.Following and revealing measurements

Calling every single number nerd!

The examination helps a customer to monitor ROI (degree of profitability), but on the other hand, they’re very tedious. By following site examination, for example, the perspectives and socioeconomics, you can create month to month, quarterly, and yearly reports for your customer and give them basic experiences into their advertising techniques.

Configuration Services You Can Offer as a VA

Configuration administrations require more aptitude than administrator administrations, however commonly you can gain proficiency with the rudiments through YouTube recordings or instructional exercises offered through programming programs.

“Be that as it may, don’t I have to, as, head off to college and get familiar with the entirety of this nerd configuration stuff!?”

Let’s face it: most private ventures needn’t bother with a visual fashioner to make their designs. As a rule, these organizations need a light visual communication to make basic designs for web-based life posts or a logo.

Also, prepare to have your mind blown. These things can be shown online in programs like 90 DAY VA for a (SUPER SMALL) part of the expense of a higher education… AND they naturally help your acquiring potential.

13.Visual computerization

Poor visual computerization can be inconvenient to a business; contemplates show that 94% of customers will desert a site that has poor designs.

You can without much of a stretch start making designs with the free form of administrations like Canva. This will permit you to offer customers light visual computerization and upscale your aptitudes.

All you have to offer some light visual communication is a decent eye for detail, some information in shading hypothesis (Google it!), and typography, and you’ll be making stylishly engaging designs for customers right away! In Canva alone, you can make outwardly engaging online networking posts, pennants, spread pages, resumes, thus considerably more.

14.Website composition

New organizations or even essentially organizations looking to rebrand may need to employ somebody to either dispatch their site or upgrade it. This is the place you as a remote helper can come in. From planning sites and sites to digital books and logos, website architecture is a flourishing speciality for menial helpers.

15.Structure and make web-based life illustrations

Web-based life has become SUCH a significant method of coming to and speaking with the buyer. Entrepreneurs make content, yet they can’t be wasted time with advancing that content via web-based networking media channels, as well.

Advancing is a certain something (which we’ll get to later in this post), though making an engaging realistic that will prevent the purchaser from looking over is another. This is the place you can sparkle if you have a smart thought of what target socioeconomics like to see and can plan and make visuals that can go with online networking posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and that’s just the beginning.

16.Crude CSS/HTML coding

The excellence of offering this administration is that you don’t need to stress over being a local English speaker to offer to code! HTML, CSS, and all coding dialects are the equivalent paying little heed to where you live or what your first language is. In case you’re conversant in coding language, offer this administration to code for modules, site adjustments, and so forth.

In case you’re keen on learning code, you can discover instructional exercises online just as classes that can assist you with the beginning.

17.Arranging digital books

As independently publishing turns out to be increasingly normal, writers are seeing the requirement for remote helpers who can appropriately design their digital books for distribution. If you spend significant time in digital book designing or on the off chance that you’ve at any point distributed a digital book yourself, this can be a great service to offer budding authors who are looking to self publish.

18. Formatting newsletters

You know those emails you receive from companies about all of their sales and events going on at a specific time? Yupp, someone not only had to write those long emails, they had to format them so they look appealing and not cumbersome to read.

Believe it or not, email marketing, which includes sending out periodic newsletters, gets $35 to $40 back for every dollar that is invested in email. You can be a huge service to business providers by simply offering to format their newsletters.

19. Formatting and uploading blog posts

It doesn’t stop at books and newsletters, though! Businesses and entrepreneurs who have their own blogs ALSO need their blogs to be uploaded and formatted in a way that– you guessed it– looks appealing. That means no broken links, no blocks of text that have no end, nice fonts and graphic placement, etc.

20. Sourcing stock photos

It’s no surprise that visuals are important. We already know from our days in school that we learn and remember best when visuals accompany text. That need translates to marketing as well. 

A 2018 social media marketing report wrote that 51% of B2B marketers actually PRIORITIZE creating visuals as part of their marketing strategy, while 80% of marketers acknowledge using visuals in their marketing. 

No matter which business you’re working for, you’ll definitely be an asset if you can source quality royalty-free photos. Our favourite websites include free ones like Unsplash, and paid sites such as Death to the Stock Photo and Haute Stock. 

21. Create/design a landing page

Landing pages are web pages that have been created specifically for ONE call to action. Whereas typical web pages may have multiple links and distractions, a landing page is a web page that focuses on one goal, increasing the chances of sales and/or leads. Offer your clients the service of creating a land page for their main goal(s), and see how your worth skyrockets!

22. Ghostwriting

No, you’re not writing with Casper the friendly ghost, silly! Ghostwriting is the ability to adapt your client’s voice and write content in their tone.

According to HubSpot, 55% of marketers prioritize blog content creation, but because your client may have great thoughts and ideas but little time to execute them, they might hire you to provide this service. 

It’s a bit more difficult than it might first seem, so don’t be surprised if you offer the service and your first few pieces get major criticism from the client. Don’t take it personally. 

Instead, try to learn their voice by reading other content they’ve posted and implementing their feedback. Sometimes reading it aloud and trying to imitate their voice or personality (as silly as it sounds) can help! 

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