Why we are Earnaze

Earnaze is a decision making guide website which our dream as Earnaze is to help the challenge of doubt and wrong decision making when it comes to online applying and buying of products and services, to protect you from making wrong buying and applying decisions by guiding you through on how to buy or apply for products and services that best suit your needs on : (buying online tools & applying online programs)

I was inspired to start this amazing idea by my nature love of guiding people to make the right choice.

Founder & Writer of earnaze

What we do and how will do it

We write contents on Reviewing, Buying&Applying Guides and Opportunities.

Our we get our Reviewing informations :

  • We conduct self testing on some products and services by earnaze employee.
  • We contact product or service company to request more details about the specific product or service.
  • We in touch with other product or service experienced users to share their experience using the product or service.

We write great review on product or service with information gathered above.

Buying&Applying Guides

Guide you through on how to buy and apply processes.


Here we update you with Opportunities from our partnering brand’s :

  • Discount off product or service
  • Free scholarship
  • Giveaway