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boba tea shortage Your Favorite Boba Tea Shop Is out of Right Now and people are freaking out

In the United States, the future of boba tea appears to be bleak. Shipping delays are affecting the little bubbles in the famous drink, which includes edible tapioca pearls.

Here’s what’s going on with boba tea and what it means for your next visit to your neighborhood boba store.

The Boba Guys posted a video on their Instagram account a few days ago, advising everyone that their favorite boba shop has likely either run out of boba or will run out soon. “It all began with the global pandemic, which caused massive supply chain congestion and shortages,” they explained.

 “The quick summary is that America is having trouble importing anything from overseas, especially from Asia. The port and container issues are impacting us, along with apparel, electronics, and anything that isn’t made domestically.” 

How have boba lovers reacted? 

Boba tea lovers lamented the coming hard times on the Boba Guys’ Instagram post. 

How long will the shortage last?

The business said, “This is an industry-wide shortage.” “There are quite a few boba shops open. Others will be depleted in the coming weeks. Ninety-nine percent of the time,

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