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4 Easy Businesses to make money in Kenya without doing anything

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to make money in Kenya while you sleep? Make money without doing anything in Kenya?

Betting, government tenders, online writing, and transcription are the most flooded sectors in this country because everybody wants to make money doing nothing.

However, gambling benefits only the owner and if you supply air to the government you may end up sleeping on the cold cells of Kamiti. You do not need to know someone famous in the Government to make quick money or risk getting a running stomach for losing a bet. There are several ways to make clean and risk-free money in Kenya doing absolutely nothing!

Here are smart ways to make money without doing anything:

5 Creative ways to make Genuine money in Kenya doing nothing

#1. Become a lender

You have heard that you need money to make money. Well, this idea will only work for you if you have already made some money for yourself. Even gamblers and tenderpreneurs need capital to get started. If you have some loose change, you can lend individuals, corporate organizations, and governments for some interest.

Here are some of the lending opportunities available in Kenya:

  • Government bonds. The government is always raising money to fund various projects, and this is one of the ways it raises that money. You can lend the Government money by buying bonds for a specified period of time at an interest. If you buy bonds worth KES 1 million and above, you can make an equivalent of even KES 10,000 monthly risk-free profit. This is a long-term investment, but if you need a short-term investment buy treasury bills.
  • Money market. There are several brokers who can help you invest in the money markets. It is another risk-free way of making money doing nothing because the brokers do all the investing as you wait for the profit. Your ROI can be anywhere between 8-12 percent per annum, calculated daily or monthly depending on your broker.
  • Fixed deposits. Every corporate lender including banks and mobile lenders such as MShwari require money to loan to investors. One of the ways that these lenders raise money is through fixed deposits. It is a structured shylocking system where you give the lender money for a fixed duration and collect it back with some interest. It is risk-free because you are cushioned against defaulters.
  • Venture capitalist. This is a smart way to own a business without creating one. One of the challenges that young people encounter in a bid to start their own businesses is lack of finances. As a venture capitalist, you appraise promising start-ups that require money to expand operations and get shares. This gives you the opportunity to run multiple successful businesses without ever coming up with a business idea or dealing with the stresses of start-ups.
  • Angel investor. You can also support new entrepreneurs who have promising business ideas at some profit or stake in their companies. This kind of investment attracts more risk than venture capital because angels often support ideas that have not yet been tested. You can lose your money but should the idea work, you earn as much as you desire. You decide what’s in it for you, just like the venture capitalist.
  • Shylock. This is a very unregulated market, and high risk too. It is advisable that you loan money only to the people you know and trust. It is also said that if you want to lose a friend, loan them money. Well, this does not apply to friends who repay so don’t rule them out. At the workplace, co-workers also run short and this is a good way to make some extra cash.

#2. Start a subscription service

With modern lifestyle changes, it is so easy to create a service or product that people will be willing to pay for. Think about airtime and wireless internet. Do you know that you must pay the mobile service provider in order to make a call or access the internet? Your TV is a subscription service and many other modern services such as iTunes and Netflix.

During the just-ended Soccer world cup games, you probably subscribed to Kwese streaming service. Well, most of these subscription services are not Kenyan, but you too can come up with a solution for some of the most pressing needs in Kenya and charge a subscription for it.

#3. Become a landlord

Do you have a house with extra rooms that you don’t currently use?

Housing is a major challenge in this country, and landlords are among the luckiest business people in this city where the house rent keeps going up. Renting a 2 bedroom residential house is at least KES 20,000. If you have a piece of land at a prime location you can make a flat and start collecting rent monthly.

However, you do not have to own land in order to enjoy the benefits of being a landlord. If you have a big house, you could earn passive income by listing your spare rooms in your house for short-term rental on platforms such as Booking.com or AirBnB.com. I will discuss more later in a different post.

#4. Design and sell t-shirts online

This passive income method basically involves selling t-shirts designs for free online through websites such as  TeeSpring, ViralStyle. or Merch by Amazon.

The advantage with these print of demand platforms is that you make money with ZERO upfront cost, without the need for any inventory.

Print-on-demand platform such as TeeSpring or ViralStyle or Merch by Amazon does all the printing, shipping, and customer service on your behalf.

All you have to do is just design the items, and promote them through various campaigns, this method involves being creative in setting ads campaigns after that sleep and expecting your income to grow.

Once somebody buys your design on a t-shirt, mug, or hoodie, the company makes it, ships it to the customer, and you get paid via Payoneer whatever price you had set up for the item.


It is not hard to make money in Kenya as long as you have money. If you do not have capital, don’t worry because there are other ways you can make money with absolutely zero capital. Whether you are looking for ways to make money without doing anything or with no capital, I will be sharing some ideas in my future posts so follow us on social media to stay posted.

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