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Coronavirus USA live updates: news, cases, deaths and stimulus checks today Trump asks the reporter to remove mask (video)

Coronavirus live US updates: Tuesday 8 September

US coronavirus latest: 05:20 PT / 08:20 on Tuesday 8 September (14:20 CEST)

Latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University.


Cases: 27,358,786
Deaths: 893,021
Recoveries: 18,355,017


Cases: 6,301,544
Deaths: 189,226
Recoveries: 2,333,551

Pharma CEOs make vaccine pledge in joint statement

The CEOs of nine drug companies in the US and Europe have vowed to maintain scientific standards as the pharmaceutical industry races to roll out a vaccine for the coronavirus.

The heads of firms such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca on Tuesday released a joint statement in which they spoke of a “historic pledge to the world, outlining a united commitment to upholding the integrity of the scientific process as they work towards potential global regulatory filings and approvals of the first Covid-19 vaccines”.

On Monday, 65% of respondents to a CBS News poll said they felt a vaccine would have been “rushed through” if one became available before the end of 2020, with only 21% of voters telling the survey they would get vaccinated as soon as possible in such a scenario.

Trump asks the reporter to remove mask during a press briefing

During his White House press conference on Monday, US President Donald Trump asked Reuters’ Jeff Mason to take his mask off, telling the reporter he was “very muffled”. 

You’re going to have to take that off, please…. how many feet are you away?” Trump told Mason as the journalist began his question. Mason refused, but agreed to “speak a lot louder”.

Trump then went on to praise another reporter who did remove his face mask to ask a question, saying, per Vox’s Aaron Rupar: “You sound so clear as opposed to everyone else where they refuse.”

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