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how cloud 9 make money

Cloud9 (C9) is an American esports organization.

Cloud9 is the most valuable professional esports company, worth $310 million, in part because of its success across a wide variety of games. This month, the five-year-old company, which is owned by Jack and Paulie Etienne, raised $50 million in Series B funding.

After that comes prize money, in-game items, and physical merchandise such as hats and t-shirts. … According to the professional eSports organization Riot, each team in the League of Legends Championship Series receives an amount of money to provide salaries and help with operating expenses.

Okay so let’s just cut the chit chats and get to the real deal.

Cloud9 is everywhere. This means in every competitive gaming and they are really strong. Cloud9 has sponsors, merchandise stores, donations, and obviously tournament revenue.

To be honest they can churn money from anywhere. But for now, those are their main streams of income. According to my knowledge.

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