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How to Get Refunds for Steam Games

Steam offers a liberal discount framework. You can discount any game you buy through Steam, under any circumstances—regardless of whether it isn’t working appropriately on your PC or you simply don’t think that its good times.

This element urges you to attempt games you don’t know about. In the event that you don’t care for a game, you can generally discount it and get your cashback. It’s especially helpful now that not many games offer free demos.

When You Can Refund a Game

There are two basic requirements for when you can get a refund: You must have purchased the game in the last 14 days, and you must have played the game for less than two hours.

On the off chance that you meet these necessities, Valve guarantees it will discount you under any conditions. You can request a discount on a game regardless of whether you don’t meet these necessities—Valve will investigate your solicitation, yet won’t ensure a discount.

You can’t discount games that you bought outside of Steam and added to Steam with an item key (in any event, not through Steam—you’d need to demand a discount through the first retailer). While you can here and there get a good deal on Steam games by buying Steam keys from outsider game stores, this component urges you to purchase games through Steam on the off chance that you figure you should discount them.

On the off chance that you discount a lot of games, Valve may consider this “misuse” and quit offering discounts to you. “Discounts are intended to eliminate the danger from buying titles on Steam—not as an approach to get free games,” as per Valve’s strategy. Valve doesn’t indicate precisely what they consider “misuse”, yet you ought to likely be fine insofar as you’re not routinely purchasing countless games and discounting a large portion of them.

Valve takes note of that discounting a game bought before a deal and getting it at the lower deal cost isn’t viewed as misuse. In this way, in the event that you buy a $60 game and it goes on special for $30 a couple of days after the fact, you can discount the game and buy it at the lower cost—insofar as you’ve played it for under two hours.

Your discount can become back to a similar instalment technique you bought the game with, or to Steam Wallet credit you can spend on Steam. Peruse Valve’s Steam discount strategy for more explicit insights regarding how the arrangement functions.

How to Refund a Game

If your game was purchased less than 14 days ago and you’ve played it for less than two hours, you’re guaranteed a refund. Here’s how to get one.

To begin with, head to the Steam support site. You can get to this page either by clicking Help > Steam Support in Steam or by visiting the Steam Support site in your internet browser. On the off chance that you visit this page in your internet browser, you’ll need to sign in with your Steam record to proceed. On the off chance that you visit this page in Steam, you’ll be consequently marked in.

Select the game you want to refund. If you recently played it, you’ll see the game’s name under “Recent Products” at the top of the page. If you don’t see the game’s name here, click “Purchases”.

You’ll see a list of all the purchases you’ve made on Steam in the past six months. This page will also show Steam trading cards and other items you’ve sold on the Steam Community Market.

Locate the game you want to refund in the list and click it.

Click the “I would like a refund” button when Steam asks you what problem you’re having with your game.

The emotionally supportive network will inquire as to whether you need assistance fixing specialized issues with the game. On the off chance that it isn’t running appropriately and you need to have a go at fixing the issue instead of discounting the game, you might need to attempt the specialized help choices here.

If you are sure you want a refund, click “I’d like to request a refund”.

Steam will check whether you’re eligible for a refund and offer one if you are. You can select which payment method you’d like your money refunded to here—the original payment method or Steam Wallet credit.

If you’re not eligible for a refund, the system will inform you that refunds usually aren’t provided in your situation but will allow you to request one anyway.

You’ll be inquired as to why you’re discounting the game. Select an explanation from the container and type a snappy little message with your musings. While you’re ensured a discount, these messages can support Valve and the game’s engineer comprehend why you would prefer not to keep the game.

Snap the “Submit demand” catch to demand your refund.

You’ll receive an email from Steam telling you your refund request has been received. The email says that Valve is reviewing your request and will get back to you.

You’ll get another email saying your purchase has been refunded if you met the requirements. We’ve generally seen these refund requests accepted within a few hours.

While Steam’s discount strategy is liberal, it’s despite everything restricted. You can’t get a discount for that game you purchased at a bargain two years back and never played, and you can’t get a discount for another game you played for six hours before you understood it was horrendous.

At the point when you purchase another game on Steam, make certain to give it a shot inside the initial fourteen days so you can choose whether you need to keep it or not.

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