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How to Increase/Turn Social Media Traffics to Google Organic Traffic.

You have been finding it difficult to get organic traffic to your blog? But don’t know how to go about it. Worry less, I have got you covered with a trick that can trigger organic traffic through social media to your Blog in 2021. There’s no much steps involved on getting an organic traffic with the trick. First and foremost, I hope your blog its on google, bing, yandex etc, before you start implementing the steps.

I can help you out if have any issue indexing your site on google, bing, yandex and others drop a comment or contact me for assistance.

How to Turn your Social Media Traffic to Google Organic Traffic

How to turn your social media traffic to organic traffic Steps on getting an organic traffic from social media After publishing your blog post, make sure the post has been indexed and has appeared in google search.

#3 Ways to Turn Social Media Traffic to Google Organic Traffic

  • #1 method by allowing your your audience to manually click your link in google search result.
  • #2 method by Automatically redirect user by taking them straight to your website as google organic traffic.
  • #3 method for Turn Facebook paid/ads traffic to Google organic traffic to your website available here

#1 method.

Go to Google, paste your keyword and your domain in the search bar, once the result is out, your site will be the first

before any other site, then copy the link from google search; it should be in this form

#2 method

In this method all you have to do is place your mouse on your site link in google search result and right click to copy your site google organic search link.

After You have copied the link from Google search, you can head over to ‘bit.ly’ to short the address. It should look like this: https://bit.ly/2SMjmOI

So whenever you post that link on social media like Facebook and others… You will be redirected to google and later land on the preferred page automatically, google adsense or analytics won’t see facebook but google organic search traffic…

How to Find Organic Search Traffic in Google Analytics

Step 1:

Sign into your Google Analytics and go to your account under the main Reporting tab. The Reporting page is your main dashboard for your website data within Google Analytics.


Step 2:

On the left pane, go to the ‘Acquisition’ -> ‘Overview’ tab.


Step 3:

Click on ‘Overview’. You’ll now be brought to a subpage that lists out your traffic broken down by medium.


Step 4:

At the top of the ‘Acquisition Overview’ page, you can set the date range you want to display data for.


Step 5:

In the date range section, you can also set date comparisons (custom, specific periods, or year to year). The date range comparison tool is a great way to tell how you’re progressing over time. For example, is your website gaining more organic traffic or less than a year ago?


Step 6:

If you wish for more detailed data on the organic traffic, on the Acquisition Overview page, click ‘Organic Traffic’. You’ll see on this page (Fig. 6 below), more granular data is displayed about the performance of the traffic from organic search along with key terms that were searched in the search engines to get to your website*.



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