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How to Live stream on Facebook with Zoom

Getting Started: Check your version of Zoom Meetings

To appreciate all of the features of Zoom, it is important to first update your copy of Zoom. If your Zoom looks like the image on the left, you will need to update your application to 4.3.4(46499.0224) or above.

How to update your Zoom App:

  • From the device you wish to update, click on your profile picture
  • Locate the Check for Updates option on the dropdown menu
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update
  • Repeat the same process on all devices that you use Zoom including mobile devices.

Whats New With Zoom Meetings:

Zoom provided a major update to its application on January 20, 2019. Here is a summary of the major improvements provided as part of that update:

Meetings & Webinars:

  • Ability to Stop a Participant’s Share: The host can now stop a participant’s screen share by going to the Participant List and selecting More next to the sharing participant’s name.
  • Indicator that a Participant is Annotating: The host can now identify which participants are annotating by viewing the participants list. The participants who are annotating will have an indicator in the color they are using to annotate.
  • Support for Multiple Pages on Whiteboard: Hosts can now enable multiple pages for whiteboard. If enabled, they can create new pages, close pages, and navigate between multiple pages.
  • Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin: Hosts can now allow meeting participants and webinar panelists to rejoin after they have been removed.
  • Improvements to the Raise Hand Feature: The raise hand feature will now prompt users to link their audio if necessary to make it easier to speak in the meeting.

Chat Features:

  • Chat Groups are now Channels: Invite an entire group of people to a meeting at once
  • Personal Space for Note Taking: Take notes and save links within a Zoom chat window
  • Create Favorites: Star contacts, chat channels, and Individual Messages

Support Sessions:

  • Multiple Screen Support: It is now possible to select which screen someone wishes to control during support sessions

Breakout Sessions:

  • Set timers for Breakout sessions: After the expired time has passed, the breakout groups will automatically be closed and users will be returned to main session.
  • Force Participants into Breakout Sessions: The host can now make viewers join a group instead of waiting for them to select one.

Zoom Voice:

  • A new cloud-based phone system allowing businesses to combine their telephone services with the Zoom Meetings
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