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Most Asked Questions On Google

Ever considered what are the most asked questions on Google? Given beneath is the whole rundown of top most asked questions on Google alongside their worldwide pursuit volume and cost-per-click information. For those not mindful, cost-per-click alludes to the sum promoters pay to publicize for that term on Google.

What Is The Most Asked Question In The World?

It might be quite surprising to know that the most asked question in the world is “what is my ip”. There are a little over 3 million people who ask this question every month on Google and that’s just one variation of the question. There are more who ask, “what is my ip address” and similar. So that is interesting!

RankMost Asked Questions On GoogleGlobal Monthly SearchGlobal CPC
1what is my ip3,350,000$0.12
2what time is it1,830,000$0.99
3how to register to vote1,220,000$2.13
4how to tie a tie673,000$1.62
5can you run it550,000$2.53
6what song is this550,000$0.75
7how to lose weight550,000$0.50
8how many ounces in a cup450,000$3.22
9when is mothers day450,000$1.62
10how many ounces in a pound450,000$1.07
11how many ounces in a gallon450,000$0.86
12how many weeks in a year450,000$0.72
13when is fathers day450,000$0.44
14what is my ip address450,000$0.14
15can i run it368,000$1.82
16how to get pregnant368,000$0.82
17how to download youtube videos368,000$0.40
18how to screenshot on mac301,000$3.51
19how old is donald trump301,000$1.75
20how to lose weight fast301,000$1.48
21where are you now301,000$0.90
22how to make pancakes301,000$0.60
23when we were young246,000$2.12
24how to make money246,000$1.63
25how many grams in an ounce246,000$1.28
26how many feet in a mile246,000$1.11
27what time is it in california246,000$0.95
28what does smh mean246,000$0.47
29how old is hillary clinton201,000$4.85
30how to lose belly fat201,000$1.55
31is it going to rain today201,000$1.05
32where is my phone201,000$0.48
33what is the weather today201,000$0.25
34how to download videos from youtube201,000$0.24
35how to boil eggs201,000$0.15
36how to delete instagram account
37how to take a screenshot on a mac165,000$6.08
38how many cups in a gallon165,000$2.99
39how many days till christmas165,000$2.07
40what time is it in london165,000$1.68

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