Hungry kids can’t wait

Summer is traditionally the hungriest time of year for Maine’s 1 in 5 children who may go hungry today. This summer, though, things may be different since new benefits and temporary waivers are helping to get meals to even more youngsters. They allow parents to pick up meals for the week or groups to drop off meals to a child’s house, for example.

In fact, because of these types of flexibilities, summer meals programs in Maine served over 500,000 more meals to kids in need last year. But these measures are temporary. It’s time for Congress to update and modernize the summer meals programs by permanently implementing policies that have fed so many kids during the COVID crisis — additional summer grocery benefits and allowing meals to come to kids to help overcome transportation barriers — and making them part of future solutions.

Making business more difficult

It’s no secret that businesses all around Maine are finding it difficult to compete for contracts and expand their personnel. Everywhere you look, there are help-wanted signs. It’s no different for a business leader in the construction industry.

We have 110 dedicated employees at N.S. Giles who we have invested in and trained to do a variety of jobs. Some of them work as laborers, while others are supervisors. One thing that hasn’t changed is our need to expand our company and stay competitive in the construction market.

Unfortunately, there are multiple bills before the Legislature this session that would not only hinder our ability to grow but also create more barriers when it comes to getting work and finding quality employees. This legislation includes project labor agreements, which completely dictate the terms and conditions of employment on these projects. These agreements often require union workers and shut out local businesses from even having an opportunity to work on the project. With more and more attacks on the construction industry, it becomes more difficult for a business such as ours to compete. 

Source : bangordailynews

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