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Top 5 Plagiarism Remover Tools for Content Marketers

Plagiarism is one of the biggest challenges in the way of effective content marketing.

Whether your online business is about selling services or is information-based, you need to come up with unique content if you want your content marketing strategy to work.

The use of plagiarized content can create a lot of problems for your online business. It destroys your credibility as a brand and creates a bad reputation for you in your target market.

So, if you find plagiarism in your content, you need to get rid of it at once. And this is where the plagiarism remover tools come in.

What is a Plagiarism Remover Tool?

Plagiarism Removers are rewriting tools that analyze the plagiarized content, process it, and create unique content out of it consisting of the same basic idea.

The primary job of a plagiarism remover is to create unique content, based on the one that has already been written.

If you have a piece of content that has plagiarism in it, you can remove it from the content using a plagiarism removal tool.

Benefits of Plagiarism Remover Tools for Content Marketers

There are numerous benefits that you get to enjoy with plagiarism removal tools. From 100% unique content to grammatically accurate web copies, there are a lot of advantages that these tools have to offer.

Below are some of the most prominent benefits of plagiarism remover tools that you need to know 

· 100% Unique & Plagiarism-Free Content

Plagiarism Remover tools have the primary purpose of helping writers get rid of plagiarism from their content.

These tools analyze the content that you put in them and reword it in a way that makes it 100% unique and plagiarism-free.

Whether you have academic documents or web content with plagiarism in it, the plagiarism removal tools help you make the content unique and authentic.

So, if your goal is to remove plagiarism from your content, then plagiarism removal tools are your ideal choice for that. 

· Grammar Correction

When rewriting content, plagiarism removal tools keep the grammar correct and accurate.

If you reword the content manually, you have no way of making sure that the content is free of plagiarism. And If you try to confirm it via proofreading, it can take you a lot of time to do that.

The plagiarism remover tools help you get rid of that struggle by giving you grammatically correct content.

· SEO Optimized Content

Search engines love content that is readable and contains phrases that people are searching for on the internet.

If you add already written web content in the plagiarism remover tools, they generate high-quality, human-readable, and engaging content. You can use that content to enhance your SEO efforts. Since the content is optimized for SEO, you don’t need to put manual effort into making content optimized. You might need to make little changes as in the Keywords Placement, but as far as the readability is concerned, you won’t need to change anything.

· Useful for Content Marketing

Content Marketing efforts require you to consistently produce and distribute original and fresh content.

If you use manual approaches to content creation, it can cost you a lot of time. And if hire someone to write the content for you, it can cost you a lot of money as well.

So, if you want to save time and money on content marketing, you can take help from a plagiarism remover tool. 

· 24/7 Access

Another amazing benefit of plagiarism remover tools is, they are available 24/7.

When it comes to creating unique content, timing is of key importance. You need tools that can help you generate content, whenever you want to. This is what the plagiarism remover tools help you do.

These tools enable you to process content containing plagiarism and generate unique content out of it, without any kind of timing or usage restrictions.   

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Top 5 Best Performance Plagiarism Remover Tools for Content Marketers

Here are some of the best and recommended plagiarism removal tools that content marketers need to check out in 2021

1. Paraphrasing Tool – Prepostseo

The paraphrasing tool by prepostseo is an advanced article rewriting tool that you can use to eliminate plagiarism from your blog posts, website articles, email copies, and all kinds of web content.

The best thing about the prepostseo article paraphrasing tool is, it works incredibly fast when it comes to removing plagiarism from the content.

It offers you multiple paraphrasing modes that you can use to get multiple copies of the input content.

Unlike most plagiarism removal tools, the prepostseo paraphrasing tool generates content that looks 100% natural.

Prepostseo Paraphrasing tools work for web as well as academic documents. It is especially useful for content marketers who want to speed up and optimize their content marketing processes.

This paraphrasing tool offers a wide range of content upload options that you can choose from. For example, you can either write the text in this tool, upload a file from local storage, or add a file from your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool works on Artificial Intelligence. So, you can expect the content that you generate from it to be completely readable for humans.

This is the primary feature of this tool and the one that sets it apart from the other tools out there.

So, if you have content that has plagiarism in it and you want to make it 100% unique, we recommend you pass the content through the Prepostseo paraphrasing tool. This tool is going to give you unique content that you’d be able to use however you’d want to use it.   

Free to Use

This paraphrasing tool is completely free and doesn’t require you to purchase a subscription. You can use this tool to generate unique content for free, without paying anything for the use. You can process complete essays and long articles with it, without usage limitations. 

Creates 100% Unique Content

Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tools help users generate 100% unique and plagiarism-free content. Most paraphrasing tools are not good at removing plagiarism from the content. This tool takes in the plagiarized content and processes it in a way to make it unique.

Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

This tool supports about 4 different paraphrasing modes. Depending on the level of plagiarism in the content and the kind of paraphrasing that you want, you can choose an appropriate paraphrasing mode for yourself.

The paraphrasing modes offered by this tool include Simple, Advanced, Fluency, and Creative.

Generates SEO content

Prepostseo goes a step further and produces SEO content that you can use on your blog to increase your visibility on the search engines. This paraphrasing tool generates readable content with just the right amount of keywords to give you a completely optimized piece of content.

Supports paraphrasing in Multiple Languages

As of now, the prepostseo paraphrasing tool supports paraphrasing in about 16 languages. The support for more languages is being added to make the tool more valuable for content creators all around the globe.

1. Article Rewriter – articlerewriter.website

The Article Rewriter by articlerewriter.website is a powerful article spinner that offers multiple contents spinning modes. This tool is the best for people who want to try out different paraphrased copies of the same content.

This article rewriter has very few ads and they didn’t even mess up with the user experience. For example, the ads won’t get in your way when you are using this tool to remove plagiarism from your content.

This tool offers 3 different modes for paraphrasing. These include the Smart Spin, the Ultra Spin, and the Manual Spin. You can go over all these different paraphrasing modes and choose one of yourself that works the best for you.

With this Article Rewriter, the process of paraphrasing has become easier than ever. You can paraphrase up to 1500 words at once with this incredibly powerful tool.

Unlike most free paraphrasing tools, this tool doesn’t contain a lot of ads. There are some ads, but they don’t interfere with the overall user experience.

 You can also upload a file from your PC to this tool for paraphrasing. With all the features that it has to offer, this article rewriter would be great for removing plagiarism from academic and web documents.

Free Content Paraphraser for Removing Plagiarism

If you have a lot of content and you want to remove plagiarism from it for free, then this tool would be a great choice for you. Since this tool doesn’t require a subscription, you don’t even need to register yourself here for using its plagiarism removal features.  

3 Operational Modes

This article rewriter offers 3 modes including the Word changer, Sentence changer, and Plagiarism remover. You can choose a Mode based on the kind of paraphrasing performance that you are looking for.

Check 1000 Words in One Go

Unlike most free paraphrasing tools, this tool can process 1000 words at once. This is what makes this article rewriter an ideal choice for removing plagiarism from long academic documents as well as lengthy blog posts. 

Interactive User Experience

We have used a lot of online paraphrasing tools and we always use the user experience as one of our testing standards. We have found the UI of this tool to be incredibly facilitative and simple to use.

No Registration Needed

You don’t need to register on articlerewriter.website for using this tool. Whether you are on your phone or PC, you can use this app to paraphrase your documents to make them unique and plagiarism-free. You don’t need to provide your personal information to this tool for using it.

2.     Rephrase.info

Rephrase.info is a simple solution for removing plagiarism from the web and academic content. Aside from excessive ads, this tool works just fine for creating unique content out of already existing ones.

The layout of this paraphrasing tool is easy to understand. This is what makes this tool great for beginners as they don’t have a hard time removing plagiarism from the content.

With this tool, you won’t have to pay money for manual paraphrasing services. You can put any length of content on this tool, and it will convert it into unique content naturally.

If your content writing strategy requires you to produce a lot of unique content on a regular basis, you can use this tool for that.

Controls of this tool are simple and easy to understand.

You can choose from different languages, depending on the kind of content that you want to paraphrase.

There is also the Reset available that you can click on to use the tool again for the next paraphrasing task.

The tool is free and works well, the UI is fine in terms of ease of use and design practicality.

Powerful Plagiarism Remover Tool

This rephrase tool works on advanced algorithms to make the content unique and plagiarism-free for the user. And the best part is, this tool removes plagiarism without comprising the quality of the content. 

Generate Natural Content

When it comes to choosing the best rephrasing tools, natural paraphrasing performance is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Rephrase.info keeps the content as natural and as readable as possible.

No Maximum Usage Limit

Most paraphrasing tools come with maximum usage limits. For example, there are online tools that you can use for a limited amount of time in a day. There are no such restrictions with this article paraphraser. It removes plagiarism from all kinds of content, without any kind of usage restrictions.

Fast and Accurate Paraphrasing

When you are on a deadline, or you need to rewrite a piece of content in an emergency, the paraphrasing speed becomes of utmost importance. This article rewriter understands that. It can help you rewrite quickly and accurately, better than most online tools out there.  

Doesn’t Contain Ads

Unlike most free paraphrasing tools, you won’t find a lot of ads on this website. This article rewriter is quite new, and we like the kind of performance that it has to offer. 

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3. Article Rewriter – FreeSEOTools.org

Article Rewriter by FreeSEOTools.org features a simpler user experience along with powerful paraphrasing performance.

This tool is quite good for removing plagiarism because it doesn’t have interruptive ads. You can either sign up on the website or simply just start using the tool, without registration.

This Article Rewriter stands out as one of the safest and the most secure article rewriters out there.

This tool is quite effective as compared with most article spinners that you can find on various online websites. Currently, the tool supports paraphrasing for about 8 languages including Dutch, French, and Spanish, etc.

If you want to create quality content for your content marketing campaign, this tool can help you do that. With this free online paraphrasing tool, you won’t have to worry about spending any money on content rewriting services.

This article rewriter works on the latest AI technology to provide you with SEO-optimized content that you can use as a part of your content marketing strategy.

We recommend this tool for small paraphrasing tasks because it is not as powerful as other tools mentioned in this article. It has been designed for light usage and it can accurately rewrite a few sentences or small paragraphs.

So, if ease of use is your priority, then we suggest you check out this Article Rewriter by FreeSEOTools.  

Free Plagiarism Remover Tool

This article rewriter is a free plagiarism remover that reworks your input content and writes it again in a completely natural way. The plagiarism removal features of this software are 100% free.

Accurate Article Rewriting Performance

The article rewriting performance of this paraphrasing tool is accurate and efficient. You won’t find many writing mistakes with the output of this amazing tool. And the best part is, its paraphrasing performance is quite fast, so you’d be able to get more done in less time. 

Contains Ads

The only drawback of this article rewriter is the huge amount of ads that it has on it. You can use adblockers to get rid of the ads and use the paraphrasing tool without any kind of hassle.

Readable Content

Readability matters a lot when it comes to choosing an online plagiarism remover tool. And this tool meets the standards of readability that you’d want with your rewritten content. We like this tool as it generates 100% readable content that you can use, however you’d want to.

No Maximum Usage Restrictions

You can use this Article Rewriter 24/7, and as many times as you want. The tool won’t ask you for any kind of registration or to set up a payment plan for use.

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4. Article Rewriter – NIMTools.com

NIMTools.com Article Rewriter is quite great in that it doesn’t have complicated UI elements. This tool makes the process of paraphrasing, as simple and easy as it can get.

The Article Rewriter has a good reputation in the market for being fast and effective.

When you use an ordinary content rewriter, they generate content for you having an unnatural and robotic tone.

This is what makes this article rewriter a worthy tool as the content that you generate from it is always unique and contains natural readability.

So, if you want content that looks and reads naturally, then going for the plagiarism remover would be a great choice that. You can post the unique content generated with this tool on all your web and social media platforms without running the risk of plagiarism.

NIM Tools offers a wide range of additional SEO Tools that you can use to amp up your digital marketing efforts. But the article rewriter is their most valuable tool for content writers as it helps them generate unique content, with little effort. 

The user interface of this paraphrasing tool is remarkably simple, and it makes it quite easy for everyone to rewrite content in bulk, for free.

We recommend this paraphrasing tool for students who want to remove plagiarism from their academic files such as essays and reports. All in all, it is a great article rewriting solution for rewriting content.

Plagiarism Free Content Generation

This article rewriting tool is great for removing plagiarism from essays and academic articles. Its UI design and the user experience is the reason why it is great for everyone, in terms of performance and usage. 

Easy to Use Online Tool

All the controls of this tool are simple, and the UI features easy and seamless navigation. You can copy and paste your content in this article rewriting tool and it will help you easily rewrite it.

Fast Performance

This article rewriter is one of the fastest online paraphrasing tools that you can find out there. It delivers incredibly fast performance, and it does it without taking a lot of time. The paraphrasing speed of this tool is faster than other options out there on the internet.

Great Tool for Beginners

If you haven’t used many online writing tools before and you are looking for simple software to get started, we recommend this article rewriter for you. This tool features a self-explanatory interface that you can use to generate a lot of unique and fresh content, without any kind of trouble.

Free to Use

The article rewriter is free to use. You can go on to the website and access this tool, without paying anything at all. This tool works just as well as most of the paid article rewriting solutions that you can find out there. 


Plagiarism Removal is basically about paraphrasing a piece of content. When you paraphrase content, it creates a unique copy of it, that looks different from the original one and yet carries the same meaning as the original content.

We highly encourage that you check out the best plagiarism removal tools that we have mentioned in this article for creating unique content for your content marketing strategy.

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