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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘forced’ to pay back taxpayers’ money for Frogmore

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix deal has wreaked havoc in the truest sense of the phrase as it led to them making several changes to their current arrangement.

As the couple successfully paid back the taxpayers’ money for their Frogmore Cottage’s renovation, an expert has claimed that the former royals may have been “forced” to do so.

As per Sky News Royal Correspondent Rhiannon Mills, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix deal may have “forced their hands” in making the payment as quickly as possible.

“I think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s hands have been forced this week after it was announced that they’d signed that enormous deal with Netflix,” said Mills.

“Neither Netflix nor Sussexes have said how much money they’re making from that deal but it’s estimated it could be around £100 million,” had she added.

“So if they’re bringing in that money, it makes sense that they’re going to pay this money back to the taxpayer for this home that they still want to keep here in the UK.”

“Every year when we try to unpick the royal finances, there are often a few things that raise eyebrows,” she said.

“Last year, the big thing that stood out was that £2.4 million bill to refurbish Frogmore Cottage. The reason that people again started talking about just how much money it cost to refurbish it was because at the start of the year Harry and Meghan announced they wanted to step away from royal duties.”

“But they also said while they were splitting their life between America and the UK, they still wanted to keep Frogmore Cottage as their main UK residence. Of course, people then said, ‘hang on a minute, the taxpayers’ money was used to fund that and if you’re no longer going to be working royals, then how exactly is that fair?’” she went on to say.

“This afternoon we’ve had this statement from a spokesperson from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex which has now said that a contribution has been made to the sovereign grant by the Duke of Sussex,” she added.

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