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Sell an Idea to a Company without them Stealing it from you

Taking other people’s ideas and profiting from them is a game played by all large businesses. As for stealing your idea, you’re mistaken – they have no time to even think about it. As a result, Since big investors might “already” be working on similar ideas before, and you signing a non-disclosure agreement with them just to hear your “idea” would put them in jeopardy.

Here is what I concluded after my experience of fear to sell an idea to a company without them stealing it from me and many others I have had around the feeling/fear that someone will steal my idea.

1. Someone has thought about a similar idea already, maybe in a different way

2. What really makes ideas successful is how well it is executed and that is something no one can steal from you

3. Don’t be afraid to talk about your ideas with anyone, you are probably the only one who can ever make that idea a reality, trust me.

Here are some strategies: How to sell an idea to a company without them stealing it

Here’s the deal – ideas are the most common thing on the planet. Ideas are basically worthless until they are proven practical. Take it from me, I’m a crazy inventor who has had to learn this lesson over and over again.

1. Get them to sign a non-disclosure on the idea (this probably won’t happen because big companies say ‘you are not giving us any ideas we do not already have. And they are usually right!

2. Make it look like a full product or service and sell it. Get the order and then build it to suit them.

When people have a good idea or invention, they often patent it before they start selling it. A patent is an exclusive right granted for the development of an invention. With another way of saying it: Patents grant exclusive ownership of products or processes that generally offer new ways of doing things, or offer technical solutions to problems that have previously been unsolvable.

However, you do not need a patent to sell your idea or invention. There are several ways you can start selling your idea without going through the expensive and time-consuming patent process.

License Your Idea

Another way to sell your idea without a full patent is to license it. Growing companies are often looking for profitable ideas that generate revenue, and you can license your idea to these companies if you want to start earning money. Licensing is like renting — and you can benefit from it because it allows you to earn profits off of a business’s existing infrastructure.

If you do want to license your idea, you will need to be good at making pitches and selling. Licensing starts by approaching a business with a great sales pitch. If you are not great at discussing your ideas, you can print out marketing materials that sell your idea for you. Afterwards, all you have to do is share these materials with the businesses you are interested in working with.

Directly Sell Your Invention

If your idea is a workable invention that can be put to use, you may be able to sell it directly with a little online help. There are submission companies that will help you sell your invention. These companies will either provide services that help you sell your idea or allow you to sell the invention directly to consumers over the internet. Invention submission companies often operate by charging a fee to the inventor in exchange for helping sell that invention. Online marketplaces, in comparison, sell your invention to consumers and stores for you.

To begin work with a submissions company, you first have to find the one you want to work with. After registering with the company, you can take advantage of the multiple services that the company offers online. These services include graphic illustrations, press release development and publication lists that include information about where you can sell your idea. Online marketplaces, on the other hand, will help you refine the invention and sell it on your behalf, earning you money.

Network With Others

You may have a fantastic idea but lack the right buyer. In some cases, it may be best to attend networking events where you can connect directly with business owners or other inventors. If you are able to connect with other inventors, then you may be able to find out if any local businesses would be interested in acquiring an idea or invention like yours.

You never know a business’s or entrepreneur’s needs until you get a chance to understand their scenario and how your idea can fit in and make you a profit — without even having a patent.

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