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Simon Crowther, founder of Flood Protection Solutions

SME owners on how they grew their businesses

On credibility

I was just 18 when I founded the company, and I knew that building credibility would need to be key for us to succeed. I believe one of the reasons the company has been a success is due to us having a distinct focus on credibility as a key differentiator.

As the Managing Director, I set my goals high knowing I needed to excel not only with qualifications, but also my industry profile. I built my personal profile through a strong focus on PR, including speaking at industry events and being featured on Sky News as their flood expert.

Alongside this, I became Chartered, and have won multiple awards, including being featured by Forbes Magazine in their 30 Under 30 List. This was a key differentiator from others in the sector, and the additional qualifications obtained allowed me to expand the company into new areas.

I have also had a strong focus on the profile of the company, working hard to win company awards, obtain case studies and testimonials, along with slick digital marketing for our company to appear as credible as possible. We have an enviable client list including Thames Water, the NHS, and the Environment Agency.

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