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Start Earn Money Now Watching Tik Tok Videos

The Bottom Line: Download Zynn

Still stuck in quarantine? Or spending hours watching tik tok videos? Well the good thing is, now you can watch Tik Tok videos and earn money at the same time using the app called Zynn.


Zynn basically mimic Tik Tok but for a certain amount of videos you watch, you earn points that can later be redeem to cash or gift cards. About every 30 seconds you can earn about a cent. That’s two cent per minute or $1.20 per hour.

Yes that might not be a lot but think about how much time you spend watching Tik Tok videos anyways!

They also have a great referral system where you can earn $20 per referral and up to 5 referrals. Use my referral code: RKEPBSC to help me out!

Keep in mind this isn’t a way to earn cash fast or anything but it does add up over time plus most of us are stuck in the house anyways and schools out!

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