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Top Jobs in Yukon Canada for Foreigners

Working in Yukon, Canada

What does it mean to work in Yukon? It is quite important to keep in mind that the workplace culture in Yukon may be a little different from your home country, so you have to do your best to adapt quickly.

It is possible there are additional safety requirements for items like personal protective equipment (PPE). You may also realize there’s a more casual relationship between employers and employees.

With regards to where you come from in the world, there will surely be a few things about life in Yukon that you will discover to be very different from that of your home country.


Employers traditionally give new employees an orientation, which will mostly take place on your first day, this will avail you with valuable information about the workplace, safety concerns, and what is expected of you.

In addition, you may also undergo some training meant to familiarize you with the systems, processes, and procedures of your new workplace. Should you undergo any formal training, ensure that you note the dates and keep the certificate.


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There is a 3-6 month probationary period in most workplaces in Yukon, this is to equip you and to ensure you are a good fit for the business. It is important you check in regularly with your supervisor to be sure you are meeting expectations.

Language Requirements in Yukon

It is important that you are able to speak English or French if you desire to live and work in Yukon.

Also, note that only 13% of the province can speak French, so, therefore, the preferred language is English.

Be certain your English language proficiency is good, as this will open more opportunities for you, in addition, it will make doing your job a lot easier, and as you will find out in a moment, is key to you staying to live and work in Yukon.

Life in the Yukon

Life in Yukon province is very different from almost everywhere else, people work hard, and are paid well, there is an incredibly strong sense of community amongst Yukon residents.

Communities are most welcoming to foreigners who will add greater value with diversity to their community. Learn more about pathways to Yukon here

Winters in Yukon get cold, very cold, however, unless movement is hampered by being snowed in, the cold is never an excuse to miss work.

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How To Immigrate to Canada

Deciding to begin a new life in Canada is a challenge, however, a good one. Choosing the Province of Yukon as your new adventure destination is even a more exciting and unique challenge.

Once you start to look for a job in Yukon, and you are persistent, you will surely find one. The next obstacle thereafter will be your decision and determination for permanent residency.

When you make up your mind to use expert and government-trusted services, you will not only increase your chances of success in the visa application process, you will also get expert advice on which immigration pathway is best for your specific need.


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